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Let's have a Camõliday!

“Camõesians + Holiday = Camõliday!” It was a special programme created for all Camõesians during the special vacation! Students enjoyed various fun activities such as “An Artistic Morning”, “看動畫學歷史” “Travel Around the World”, and “Mindfulness Exercises”. Parent helpers told stories online and conducted Pastel Nagomi Art Workshops. Afterwards, students uploaded their artworks to share with the others at the Online Camões Art Exhibition. Furthermore, P5 & 6 Student Ambassadors organized the online T.A.B. (Take a Break) activities for their schoolmates. The highlight of the programme was definitely the seven TSL Musical Screening Nights, and students excitedly joined the YouTube live-chat with Principal and teachers at three of the evenings. What’s more? Students who had won the “Weekly Challenge” had a chance to chit-chat with Principal Chou directly online! What a fantastic holiday connecting all!

“Camõliday”是一個為Camõesians特別而設的假期!學生們享受到各種有趣的活動,如“An Artistic Morning”、“看動畫.學歷史”、“眼睛去旅行”和“正念練習”。家長義工在網上講故事,並舉辦了和諧粉彩工作坊;完成工作坊後,同學們上傳自己的畫作到Camões線上畫展參展。小五及小六學生大使亦為同學們安排了“Take a Break”活動。 假期中最令人翹首以待的,當然非七個TSL音樂劇特別放映之夜莫屬,同學們更在其中三個晚上與校長及老師於YouTube上實時暢談。於“每週挑戰賽”中勝出的同學也有機會與周校長在網上聊天呢!這真是一個多姿多采的假期,把所有人都聯繫在一起啊!